Quick Update

Just a Quick Update:

It has been a month now since we returned to Wisconsin.  Things are going well as we rest and heal.  We have been surrounded with so much prayer and love from all of you.  You truly demonstrate what it means to be brothers and sisters in Christ.

Since we have returned, many of you have asked, “What’s next?”  and to that we do not have an answer.  We are still in the midst of processing all that has happened these past couple of years, in particularly these past few months.  There is so much we don’t understand.  What I do know is that when I needed it most, my God reached out His hand and rescued me.  And although His rescue didn’t look like I thought it should have, He was there with grace and restoration.  I cannot even begin to comprehend that kind of love, unconditional love.

So where does that lead us?  We are still searching and asking God that same question.

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Homeward Bound

Our God knows our deepest needs and He is faithful to supply.  We do not always understand the ways of God and His methods often seem very illogical to our human minds, but we are returning to Wisconsin confident that this is the path He is leading us down.  By His grace He has provided us housing and employment in Wisconsin upon our return and a buyer for our vehicle here in Hawaii.  He has supplied for all of our physical needs, which makes us even more confident of His faithfulness to restore Tiffany to her old self.  I know of only One great God who is able to so fully and completely restore his children.  We praise Him!

This is not the missions adventure story we expected to be writing. (We apologize to Dave back in Richland Center, but we don’t think this one will make it to the publishing house.)  Anybody going into full-time ministry hopes to be used greatly by God.  Although we don’t have amazing exploits to write about, this experience has been a very humbling one for us.  We have not processed everything God wants us to learn in this adventure (and I’m sure He still has much awaiting us when we return), but God has already used our time here to deepen our faith and reveal areas where we need to grow personally as ministers, as husband and wife, and as parents.

Please know (and hear us very clearly) that our decision to return home in no way reflects how we feel about the ministry that KCN is doing.  In fact, it has confirmed and deepened our belief that it is a mission field in need of many laborers and more importantly in need of many prayer warriors and intercessors.   We believe in it 100% and will continue to support and direct others towards the mission.

We want to thank all of you for the various ways you’ve reached out in love to support us during this process.  We received so many care packages, phone calls, emails, words of encouragement, prayer, etc.  Going forward, we would please ask for your continued prayers of healing and especially protection for our family.  Pray that Satan would not use this experience in any way to further injure our family.  Also, please pray for protection for Pastor Ryan, his family, Eric & Joy & their family, and the Masons who are just beginning their journey.

On this journey together,

–          The Boyarski Ohana


Logistics for our financial supporters:

  1.  All money given remains with Mission Kona Coast.  If you have questions or concerns with this, please contact us personally:   [email protected]
  2. To discontinue your automatic giving online:
    1. Go to Boyarski.missionsplace.com
    2. Click on the “Support Us” link
    3. Log in with your ID and password
    4. Once logged in, click on “My Profile”
    5. Click on service center
    6. Check the “Discontinue Payment” box
    7. Save the changes to your profile
  3. If you wish to continue funding Mission Kona Coast, you can do that directly at Konacoastnaz.com and click on “Fund the Mission”





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Mission Interrupted:

We made the announcement this past Sunday at Kona Coast Nazarene Church that we will no longer be continuing our mission work with them.  Tiffany has been suffering from severe anxiety attacks, and although she is now being treated for those, she is still experiencing anxiety and fear about remaining in the mission zone.  The last two weeks have really taken a physical and emotional toll on both of us and our family (not to mention all of the turmoil over the last several months of uprooting our family and trying to settle into a completely new environment)

We were very unprepared for the level of attack that Satan has launched at us.  We anticipated hardships and struggles, but we were not ready for a full-on assault like this.

We are posting this update as a plea for you to pray with us.  We want God’s will for our life.  We do not want to abandon the mission prematurely, but we also know that we cannot minister effectively here if we are not healthy.

We have flights booked to come home this Wednesday because that seemed to be the best path for Tiffany to heal and for the well-being of our family.  However, if God makes it clear that we need to remain here and remain in mission alongside Kona Coast Nazarene, we are willing to lay aside those plans to follow Him.

Please join us in prayer as we discern the best path for our family and our ministry.  Please, please pray for spiritual protection and healing for Tiffany and our entire family.  We are confident that God is faithful to provide protection and healing if we ask for it.

We apologize if there has been any confusion or chaos created by any lack of communication with everyone back home, but we have really been in the midst of a battle here.

We hope you can hear our heart in all of this and our strong desire to be obedient to God in all things.  We ask for grace and compassion from all of our supporters as we wrestle with this very difficult decision.

In Christ,

The Boyarski Ohana

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Life in Paradise

After 2 months in “paradise”, our family has begun to experience the culture shock that often accompanies full -time missions work.  Unfortunately, the effects of that transition are manifesting themselves not just emotionally but also physically in our family.

We would ask that you would join us in prayer as we discern the next best steps for the health and well-being of our family.

God Bless,

The Boyarski Ohana

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Current Contact Info

Our current mailing address is:

73-1021 Ahikawa St.

Kailua-Kona, HI 96740


Local cell phone  number:  808-430-3436

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We Have Arrived!!!!!


Yes, we have finally arrived to our new home.  December 6th, Pastor Ryan and his son, Katahdin, welcomed us at the airport and from there it has been a whirlwind.


God has blessed us with such wonderful people here.  The KCN team and KCN church ohana have showered us with so much aloha.





And many of you have heard us share Polima’s testimony of how God changed her life -well, God has blessed us with having the privilege of living with her and her Ohana during our transition time here.  She, her husband Bobo and their children have been a God-send.  We are so thankful!


(Our temporary home with the Lopez Ohana)

Our children seem to be adjusting well so far.  They have made many new friends (cousins) and have also gotten to know many new “aunties” and “uncles”.  They have jumped right in showing no fear.  Ashlyn even volunteered to join the kids up front during the Sunday morning church celebration; she is definitely not our shy one.

This week we will continue to get settled in and take care of logistics such as phones, banking and groceries.  We will also have our first staff meeting and begin looking for our permanent home in Ocean View/Milolii.



Thank you for all your prayers, texts, emails, fb messages, etc.  We love you all and miss you much!


On Mission Together,

The Boyarski Family

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Exciting News

Many of you have joined us in prayer and fasting in regards to our house in Wisconsin.

We are excited to tell you that GOD HAS PROVIDED!  We have buyers for our house!

544 N Central will no longer be our home.


Amazingly, the “buyers” weren’t even looking to buy, but a friend of a friend had mentioned to them that our house was for sale and that it would be a perfect house for some of the ministry they do in the church and community.  So they looked and asked to buy!

Can you tell how excited we are by the amount of !!!!!  🙂

The cool thing is that they are Christ followers who have vision of using our house to bless others and minister to others….an answer to our prayers.  Well, more specifically, an answer to Jesse’s prayers.  Confession Time:  I was only asking God to provide buyers for our house, but Jesse was praying for God to bring a Christian family that would use the house for Kingdom purposes.

God is good!

And we want to thank you for all your prayers, encouragement, shared testimonies, etc.  It is so faith-building to hear of God’s faithfulness.

So now we continue to empty the house and pack the few things we are shipping to the island.  This is a bitter-sweet time as we remember bringing our newborn babies home to this house but look forward to our new home on the Kona Coast.  (Yes, tears have begun to fall now as I write these last few sentences)  Please continue to pray as we move and transition.  And we ask for continued prayer as we finalize the details with the purchase of our house.

On Mission Together,

-Tiffany  and the rest of the Boyarski Family


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Boyarski Wisconsin Luau

This past weekend our current home church in Richland Center, WI hosted a huge luau in celebration of God sending our family to the Kona Coast. It was a luau – Wisconsin style. We walked through the doors of The Outreach Center all bundled in our winter coats and hats for protection against the gushing winter wind. Once inside, the coats were removed and replaced with Aloha shirts, sunglasses, straw hats, shorts and slippahs. While we ate Chuck’s famous island pork, Joe played the ukulele as the children did their best at dancing the hula. The only thing missing was Poi, but that is hard to come by in Wisconsin.  🙂

We were overwhelmed by the turn out – church family from all over Wisconsin came to say farewell. As we looked around at all who had joined us and thought of those who couldn’t (even Limah RSVP’d as attending  ), we were again reminded that we are not alone. We are surrounded and supported by so many. Although we may not al lbe ”Nazarenes” and we may meet in different locations for corporate worship, we are one body with one mission. How amazing is that?!

With this realization, we want to encourage you, Kona Coast Nazarene.  Know and remember that as you work, live and worship in Hawaii, you are loved and supported by hundreds of others around the country and world. As you continue to follow God’s direction and participate in God’s plan for the Kona Coast, you are being covered in prayer by those all over Wisconsin, North Dakota, Texas, Florida, Missouri, New York, China, Europe, Africa, etc.

The revival has begun!

BTW- Watching the first snowflakes fall in SW Wisconsin while writing this post.  🙂



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Farewell Luau for The Boyarski Family

The Boyarski family has set their departure date for early December to start their Mission Adventure to Hawaii.

In their honor, the Richland Center Church of the Nazarene
will be throwing them an Aloha Luau at the Nazarene Outreach Center.

Saturday, November 9th


The church will provide Island Pork Sandwiches, Potato Salad and Baked Beans.

We invite you to bring a dish to share.

And in the theme of the Luau, we invite you to dress in island attire: bright Hawaiian clothing, flip flops or sandals, sunglasses, straw hats, etc.


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Hawaii Here We Come

Arrival in Hawaii set for December 6th!

flight photo


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