Life in Paradise

After 2 months in “paradise”, our family has begun to experience the culture shock that often accompanies full -time missions work.  Unfortunately, the effects of that transition are manifesting themselves not just emotionally but also physically in our family.

We would ask that you would join us in prayer as we discern the next best steps for the health and well-being of our family.

God Bless,

The Boyarski Ohana

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3 Responses to Life in Paradise

  1. mary turner says:

    Dear Boyarskis
    Of course this could be taken several ways. The most obvious is that Satan does not want you there and will do all in his power to make you leave, after all that is his job.
    Second God could be testing the waters of your endurance…He does whether we like to believe it or not. And third it could just be the adjustment of the culture, the weather and moving away from friends and family. We will pray for you and for God’s will to be made known in your lives. Long distance hugs!
    Prayerful and in Christ’s love
    Mary and Clyde

  2. Karla Freel says:

    Jessie, Tiffany and kids, I know exactly what that is like, when we moved to Nevada I was homesick about 2 months after arriving as well. It is hard, the culture is different for you. We dealt with a totally different climate, most of us ended up with something called Nevada throat, a sore throat brought on by the dry climate. I cried a lot. The kids did pretty well, although things happened there to one of them that changed their life forever, and made us wish we had never left home.After 2 and 1/2 years we moved to Iowa, only 5 hours from home, but eventually ended up back in Richland Center. I don’t know exactly what you have going on, but trust God, he will bring you through. Pray, as for his guidance. I will be praying for you. Know that adjustment takes time, and will happen in God’s time. Love you all, Karla.

  3. Joycelyn says:

    I am sure it is not easy for any of you. I am praying that everyone adjusts and stabilizes and feels at home. Trusting God will show you His will and peace.

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