Exciting News

Many of you have joined us in prayer and fasting in regards to our house in Wisconsin.

We are excited to tell you that GOD HAS PROVIDED!  We have buyers for our house!

544 N Central will no longer be our home.


Amazingly, the “buyers” weren’t even looking to buy, but a friend of a friend had mentioned to them that our house was for sale and that it would be a perfect house for some of the ministry they do in the church and community.  So they looked and asked to buy!

Can you tell how excited we are by the amount of !!!!!  🙂

The cool thing is that they are Christ followers who have vision of using our house to bless others and minister to others….an answer to our prayers.  Well, more specifically, an answer to Jesse’s prayers.  Confession Time:  I was only asking God to provide buyers for our house, but Jesse was praying for God to bring a Christian family that would use the house for Kingdom purposes.

God is good!

And we want to thank you for all your prayers, encouragement, shared testimonies, etc.  It is so faith-building to hear of God’s faithfulness.

So now we continue to empty the house and pack the few things we are shipping to the island.  This is a bitter-sweet time as we remember bringing our newborn babies home to this house but look forward to our new home on the Kona Coast.  (Yes, tears have begun to fall now as I write these last few sentences)  Please continue to pray as we move and transition.  And we ask for continued prayer as we finalize the details with the purchase of our house.

On Mission Together,

-Tiffany  and the rest of the Boyarski Family


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11 Responses to Exciting News

  1. Miriam says:

    Woo Hoo! Praise God!

  2. JoEllen says:

    Wonderful… We continue to lift you up as you move forward with Godsan in your lives

  3. JoEllen says:

    Gods’ plan … Duh

  4. Mary Beth Oates says:

    Praise God!! He pushed the last road block right out of the way so you can drive your way out of town! It just shows, when he calls we better listen!LOL. How can a person ever doubt God in what he does through prayer and his Love. Its AMAZING!! I cant imagine all the great plans he has in store for your family and Kona Coast!! God Bless

  5. Mark says:

    We are so excited for you guys. God is awesome. The ways he answers prayer never cease to amaze. “He will make your paths straight”

  6. Shawn Fischer says:

    Praise the Lord! It is a beautiful house and I know you loved it. Sounds like it will be used in Christ’s work some more. Yes, bitter sweet is a good choice of words. We will miss you and I know your mom and dad and brothers will miss you all. Prayers to your family as you go and follow Gods plan.
    Love you all so much.

  7. Grace Schellenberger says:

    Wow!!! I will not say unbelievable because everything is possible with and through our Lord. How awesome is He! When you let go and move forward with the call He has placed on your hearts, THEN He provides the answer to your prayers (yours and Jesse’s)! May the Lord continue to give you all you need to fulfill His calling as you finish packing and letting go of the past and see the vision He has ahead of you all.

  8. Connie says:

    YEAH! Great news!

  9. Joycelyn says:

    That is very exciting! As I pray for the sale of our house in Buffalo, I have been praying for yours and am so glad you can leave without any more concern for it! I am confident ours will sell very soon. We will continue to pray for the transition time for your family.

  10. Moolyn Rohde says:

    What an awesome God we serve – so happy to hear how He has orchestrated this sale, and not just a sale, but a future mission place too in RC. GOD is never too early, never too late, BUT always on time – PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME! We love you all and will hold you up to the Father as you move through this transition together with Him.

  11. Kathy Hayes says:

    Yep, that’s our God! And His timing. Always perfect! God bless you as you sort through all your memories of life in Wisconsin. On to new and just as blessed ones in God’s new place for you and your work for and with Him!

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