Boyarski Wisconsin Luau

This past weekend our current home church in Richland Center, WI hosted a huge luau in celebration of God sending our family to the Kona Coast. It was a luau – Wisconsin style. We walked through the doors of The Outreach Center all bundled in our winter coats and hats for protection against the gushing winter wind. Once inside, the coats were removed and replaced with Aloha shirts, sunglasses, straw hats, shorts and slippahs. While we ate Chuck’s famous island pork, Joe played the ukulele as the children did their best at dancing the hula. The only thing missing was Poi, but that is hard to come by in Wisconsin.  🙂

We were overwhelmed by the turn out – church family from all over Wisconsin came to say farewell. As we looked around at all who had joined us and thought of those who couldn’t (even Limah RSVP’d as attending  ), we were again reminded that we are not alone. We are surrounded and supported by so many. Although we may not al lbe ”Nazarenes” and we may meet in different locations for corporate worship, we are one body with one mission. How amazing is that?!

With this realization, we want to encourage you, Kona Coast Nazarene.  Know and remember that as you work, live and worship in Hawaii, you are loved and supported by hundreds of others around the country and world. As you continue to follow God’s direction and participate in God’s plan for the Kona Coast, you are being covered in prayer by those all over Wisconsin, North Dakota, Texas, Florida, Missouri, New York, China, Europe, Africa, etc.

The revival has begun!

BTW- Watching the first snowflakes fall in SW Wisconsin while writing this post.  🙂



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  1. Karen Mitten says:

    Tiffany and Jesse I am very bummed that I didn’t find out about this until today!
    But we were at ONU for the weekend and would not have made it anyway.

    So happy to hear of your new departure date and know that God is going to resolve all roadblocks and go before you all the way to Hawaii.

    You are sooo loved. Karen

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